Alex’s Dive Service Inc. The Boat Hull Cleaner

Boat owners know the effects of a fouled hull very well. Instead of a smooth clean hull running through the water, marine growth creates drag, reduces speed and leads to higher fuel consumption. Fouling which is result of the marine growth occurs even on a newly painted clean hull treated with the best anti-fouling paints. To prevent this from happening and to assure trouble free vessel operation underwater cleaning service is vital.

Our experience (and expertise) gained by many years of servicing boats in Tampa Bay area has shown that the most effective hull cleaning cycle is every four weeks. Our monthly rates are also most cost-efficient than our per time rates because we can schedule geographically and cut down on travel time. By having your boat clean monthly, it will run faster, maneuver more easily, look better and most importantly will cut down on your fuel cost.

In addition to cleaning, we inspect the entire underwater portion of your boat for noticeable problems. We also inspect condition of the zincs and replace them when necessary to eliminate any electrolysis damage to your boat’s metal parts. Our service provides the peace of mind all boat owners strive for so they can enjoy their boat worry free!

Alex’s Dive Service Inc.’s hull cleaning extends the life of the bottom paint to the maximum and increases time before repainting.