Buying a boat is a big investment. Although it’s never a bad idea to buy a boat, value of the boat can decrease faster than any other major asset you will have (OR… can lose their value very fast) if they are not properly cared for.
Boats are constantly being subjected to harsh weather and water conditions, therefore over time, the fiberglass dulls, the metal shine fades as does the paint. Thanks to sunshine Florida weather, boaters in Tampa Bay enjoy boating season year-round hence keeping your boat clean can be a full-time commitment.
To keep your boat in prime condition, Boat Hull Cleaner offers professional boat cleaning and detailing services to boaters around Tampa Bay.

Boat bottom cleaning. Clearwater Yacht Club Florida

Topside maintenance services we offer:

– Wash and shine
– Compounding and waxing
– Stainless steel polishing and restoration
– Leather and vinyl cleaning and protective treatment
– Isinglass cleaning and protective treatment

Boat Hull Cleaning. Tampa Bay, Clearwater Florida